The Ultimate Guide for Chimney Chase | There is a possibility that you mistakenly the chimney with chimney chase. Many people think that what they see in the part of the house where the smoke from the fireplace comes out is a chimney.

But, in the modern house, mostly they use the chimney chase for this way for smoke to exit the fireplace. So, what is a chimney chase?

This article will help you to learn more about this house part and its functions.

What is A Chimney Chase?

A chimney chase is a narrow space that we build on top of a fireplace that we use to let the smoke from the fireplace exit the house. However, this part is not only a narrow space.

There is a metal pipe that allows the smoke to move up without obstacles. And, this is the difference that you can see from the old house or building chimney with the modern chimney.

In the past, people only build narrow spaces made of brick or stone as the way for smoke to move. However, that can cause many problems.

Besides the safety problem, this design also causes the wall that is close to the chimney to get some damage. Mold also can grow in this part because of this design.

On the other hand, the modern chimney chase that uses metal pipe can prevent various problems that you usually find on the old type chimney.

Below, we will tell you what kind of benefits and the reason why the chimney chase is necessary for your house.

The Benefits of Chimney Chase

The design of a modern chimney, in this case, is chimney chase, gives you many benefits. For example:

Lower the risk of fire

With the metal pipe and the space around it, plus insulator and special material on the inside part of the chimney chase; the chance of fire to ignite the material outside the metal pipe is low.

Therefore, you can have a peaceful mind with this design. Enjoy the warmth of your house without worrying about fire and such.

It makes your house warm

The metal pipe in the chimney chase, plus its insulator part is the main reason why this system can produce a warming effect on your house.

The metal pipe becomes a good heat conductor that will raise the temperature of the chimney area. This system also lets the warmth spread evenly through your house. Therefore, you will feel warm once you start the fireplace.

It looks good

Compared to the old chimney design, chimney chase has a more beautiful design. It matches perfectly with your house exterior, especially the roof part.

Moreover, you also can choose the various style and designs for your chimney chase. Many companies offer this service. You can even choose a contrast design to make it stand out.

Protect the chimney from water and pest

The chimney chase doesn’t have many places where the water or pest can enter. On the top part of it, there is a cap or cover that will protect the pipe from outside exposure.

Of course, there is a special filter that allows the smoke to move out of the house. However, the cover or cap gives full protection against rain and bug that usually enter the house through the old chimney system.

The Chimney Chase Cover

Chimney chase protects your house from various problems that we mentioned above. It also has many benefits for your house.

However, one of the most important parts of chimney chase is the chimney cover. We can say that the cover is the core of this fireplace system.

Chimney Chase Covers Type

When you have to choose the cover for chimney chase, you will find various options. Here are some of them and the explanation that will help you to pick which one is the best for your place.


alumunium chimney chase cover

The aluminum cover is one of the best choices for your chase. It is lightweight for easy installation. However, the advantages of aluminum cover are its antirust property.

This feature is necessary. The rain, sunlight, and temperature change can easily cause rust. Therefore, with this material, your cover will have a much longer life.

The drawback of the aluminum cover is its strength. This cover does not hold up well when you install it in a location that has harsh weather.

The wind and blizzard can easily damage this cover. So, you might have to consider this matter before choosing this cover type.

Stainless Steel

stainless steel

Now, if you are looking for material that has better durability than aluminum, we have stainless steel here. We can even say that this material is the most robust material of chimney chase cover.

It is strong against various extreme weather conditions. It also lasts longer than aluminum. The only drawback is its price. Stainless steel cover is one of the expensive covers. So, you may have to prepare more budgets for this cover.

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized Steel chimney chase cover

As for you who have a limited budget, you can try galvanized steel. It has good durability. You can even compare it with the stainless steel cover.

However, galvanized steel doesn’t have that long lifespan. You may have to replace it with the new one within few years. Galvanized steel is the best short-term solution.

You can pick this cover if you don’t want to spend too much at the moment. But, once you have enough budgets, make sure you replace it with stronger and more durable material.

You may have to pay more for that. But, you can see that as an investment. It is all for making your house feels more comfortable.



copper chimney chase cover

Many people may see copper as a third-rate material. However, this material is the best choice for a chase cover.

It is the strongest material for the cover. It can much longer than other covers. More importantly, it looks very beautiful and elegant. It has the certain beauty value that other material doesn’t have.

However, you also have to prepare more budgets, because it is the most expensive chimney cover you can find today.

You also have to pay an expert to install it because it needs a special measure to correctly install it on your chimney.

Without a proper installation process, you can get various problems, such as leakage and crack that let the water and pest enter the chimney chase.

Replacing and Repairing Your Chimney Chase

As you can see, chimney chase has a certain lifespan that you need to know. Once it reaches a certain period, you may have to repair and replace its damaged part with the new one. So, how can we know when that time has come?

First of all, you will feel it when you stay inside the house. The damaged chimney chase that needs to repair does not work properly. Therefore, you will feel cold air lingering inside your room.

If it is difficult to feel that, you can do one trick to detect the problem. Turn off your heater and start your fireplace. If you can’t feel the warmth that you usually feel, that is the sign of problems in your chase.

The other method is by looking at the information about your material. Try to find it on the company that provides the chimney chase building service you used before.

Mostly, they will have detailed information about the material they use to build your chimney chase. You can find the lifespan of the material and recommendation of the right time to replace or fix it.

The other method to see whether your chimney chase needs replacement or repair is by checking it directly. Check the cover on top of the chimney chase.

If you found any crack or damage on it, you should repair it soon. Otherwise, it will cause many problems.

You also can check it from the cover material. If you use galvanized steel, it will rust pretty quickly. You need to replace or repair it every 5 years. However, if you don’t want to do that, you can always use stainless steel or copper.

It will last forever without rust and such. As long as it doesn’t get any damage from outside factors, you can use it without changing it.

The last thing you can do is by looking the change on your house wall and the chimney area inside the house. Try to find mold or any visible damage. That could be the sign of the problem of your chimney chase.

However, we do not recommend this method to see whether you need to change or repair your chimney chase. The sign of damage means that you are too late to repair.


That is all that you need to know about chimney chase. If you can keep it in good condition, you will feel more comfortable in your house.

Now, find the best company that can help you with your chimney chase. You can save more money and enjoy more time you spend in your house.

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